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Now is your time to explore the world

Where Will Your 2nd Act Take You?


Pack Your Bags. It's Time to Go!

In your mind, you see yourself traveling to exotic locations and having unforgettable
experiences. In reality, you keep putting it off until later—mainly because you don't have the
time or energy to do the planning. And somehow, later never comes.
But what if you could jet off on your next vacation without all the worry and headaches of
planning the trip?

That’s where we come in.
Travel can be easy and stress-free when you have an expert in your corner. We handle ALL
the details—things most people don't even think about—so you can just show up and have an
amazing time.

Travel Planning Made Easy


There’s a lot to think about when it comes to travel. When’s the best time to visit a destination?
Where should you stay? How long should you stay? What should you do while you’re there?
What should you know before you go? We can answer all these questions, plus the ones you
didn’t even think to ask.


Stop settling for stressful travel experiences. Save time and effort by handing off the tedious
tasks to us. We put together the ideal itinerary for you, and make sure you have all the
information you need while you're traveling so you feel completely prepared.


Rest easy knowing you’ve got support through every stage of the process, from planning to
preparation to traveling to returning home. If anything goes wrong at any stage, we’ve got your back.


Get the Support You Need

We know what it’s like when life gets in the way of your travel dreams. We also know what it’s
like to be ready and able to explore the world, only to get stuck in the planning phase. Or worse
yet, to finally take a trip, but feel unprepared and worried that you missed important details.

So many of our clients—before they started working with us—missed out on amazing travel
experiences with their friends and family just because they didn’t want to do all the planning, or
they were too intimidated by the whole process of traveling today. They needed somebody to
take over and take away the stress.
At 2nd Act Travel, that's what we do, and our clients are consistently blown away by the results.

We’ve proven that travel planning can be fun and easy ... when you don’t have to deal with all the hard stuff.


Cruising along the world's rivers and oceans is one of the most relaxing and fun ways to
explore new places, but choosing the right cruise can be overwhelming. Don't worry. We can match you with the best cruise line and the best itinerary for your travel style and budget.


There's something rewarding about going on a solo journey, but we know it can be intimidating, too. Don’t let that stop you. We can help you choose destinations and experiences that are ideal for solo travelers.


Let’s be honest, traveling with friends and family can be amazing, but planning group trips can be challenging. Everyone has an opinion, and usually, they aren’t the same. Now imagine if someone else did all the planning. When you work with us, we take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about anything ... except having a great time together.


Meet Kecia Farrish

I’m Kecia Farrish, owner of 2nd Act Travel. As a mother, grandmother, and military veteran, I understand what it’s like to put everyone and everything else first.

I know how it feels when you’re always waiting for a better time to put yourself first and do the things you want to do.
Well, the wait is finally over, and the “better time” is now.
The only problem is, when it comes to travel, you still don’t have the time or desire to do all the research, make all the arrangements, and double-check all the details. It’s just too much. Vacation planning is supposed to be fun, not exhausting.


Well, it can be fun when you partner with us. We have helped numerous travelers avoid the hassles and headaches of travel planning and skip straight to the good parts. We’d love to help you, too.

– STEP 1 –


Every great vacation starts with a phone consultation. We would love to get to know you and what you want in your next vacation.

– STEP 2 –


We will put together your personalized proposal, from there we fine tune and perfect your itinerary. 

– STEP 3 –


As you get excited for your vacation. We will continue to monitor flights, tours and accommodations and advise you of any important information about your vacation. We are also there to answer your question pre, during and post vacation.

Working With Us

– STEP 1 –
Schedule a Consultation

We ask all the right questions to get to know you and understand your likes, dislikes, dreams, concerns, budget, and travel style.

– STEP 2 –
Choose Your Itinerary

Based on everything we learned about you, we create two customized itineraries for you, and you choose your favorite.

– STEP 3 –
Let Us Handle the Rest

We make all the travel arrangements for you and handle all the details, so you can just show
up and go.

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Travel Tips & Inspiration

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